PFW: Chanel Spring Summer 2015

Karl Lagerfeld has done it again, however this time with very mixed reviews.

The bi-annual Chanel show at the Grand Palais unsurprisingly received great amounts of press straight from and after the show. Not only did Lagerfeld create the ultimate “street style” heaven, but he executed a feminist protest and (almost) resurrected the 1968 French students revolution albeit this time with some of the world’s leading models strolling down the runway as if it was a casual sunday.

1968 Protest

The purpose of the Boulevard Chanel, resembling those of 1968, was only brought to light when Cara Delevingne led the walk-out of models shouting “Come on!” as if the start of a revolution. Placards read slogans like “Make Fashion Not War” and “Ladies First”, leading to numerous criticisms particularly concerning the search for gender quality and the link with Emma Watson’s HeForShe campaign.

The clothes remained within Chanel limits. The suits were interpreted in different styles but always remaining tweed with flared trousers, watercolour florals, the staple summer pastels and army green. The appliqué flowers and sequins were also featured. Whether they were creating a grey fish scale effect or a pretty saturday dress, Lagerfeld prevented the additions from ever being tacky. And of course, finally, there were the classic monochromatic and nautical looks.

So, although the topic of clothes is not open for discussion, the issues surrounding a fashion riot and feminism is open for commentary.


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